Jordan Merlino
Baltimore Illustrator.


Amethyst .PNG

Picking Up The Knife (How It All Started)

In 2014, I was in my junior year at Maryland Institute College of Art studying Illustration. My goal was to create artwork for albums when I graduated. This goal changed when I took a course on Nonviolence. We studied works by Kurlansky, Martin Luther King Jr, and Thich Naht Hanh to name a few. The texts inspired me to create abstract watercolor paintings. These paintings were fueled by a thought, or just allowing the brush to flow along the paper.

I created these paintings after I graduated college. One day, I was sitting in my office studying my Amethyst, which sat in front of me on my desk. I started creating an abstract painting based on the color scheme of the crystal. I doodled the shapes I saw in the crystal, which were primarily triangles. I decided to carve into the paper with an X-Acto knife. I saw the image I created, and placed it on top of the now dry painting. This was the start of a concentration of crystals I created.

Ever since that day, I expanded onto plants and animals. Crystals, plants and animals all belong to the organic world. The organic world is the primary source of inspiration for my work. Plants, animals and crystals have the capability to heal, and my artwork is meant to promote healing.